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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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that focus on the schools they spend all their time and two officers assigned to the parks in golden gate park that deals with the issues in the park. the night watch is divided into two watches a swing watch at the 4 to 2 in the morning and an midnight shift that works from 899 at night to 3 to in the morning. we also have investigations like a station investigations team and they're doing an excellent job in crammed corners the picture is small but there are two buildings at the station the front building on 6th avenue and the back building well, the back
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building it the original footprint of the station that goes back to the earlier 19 hundreds the police car in the foreground the bricks are a different color that's the hay lost for the horses so that's where the officers that do the sergeant and inspectors work in the had a loft there's a joke there somewhere if somebody gets it let me know. i also have four clokz to act in support of the action team and address special problems like a crime problem they'll do undercover surveillance to an area of concern to us. then i also have a captain staff they have an important job they plan for the big events that are
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different from routine proposal i have that 3 officers one is handling permits and one is keeping the cars up and running and one dealing with our coming staff and looking at the statistics to look at are we focusing on our problem area and the second areas is keeping me from driving the bus off the cliff they have a lot of knowledge so they often have been passenger seat me in the right direction. this is the breakdown and the diversities of the staff at the richmond. we have a fairly diverse group of officers. and closely recommend those are the languages we can speak the most commonly used languages are
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kwan necessary mann run or research we have officers that speak all those languages we with have a fifth of the officers bilingual and there are 2 officers that speak hebrew english and spanish and one has a hebrew spanish and english. the one thing that jumps us is a young group n this the reflective it of the pd in general we've had a lot of people hired and promoted we have in the last week 5 officers with with a combined large amount of experience retire. we kind of make up for it awhile we've lost the experience we have energy the people are fairly new in their jobs
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including me that's going to continue to grow as the department grows. so, you know, one of the flip sides we have more energy and are trained on the latest stuff in the department so hopefully, your enthusiasm can make up for some of the worrisome that's gone out the door it's not just us we partner with a bunch of different agencies motorcycle officer and accident golden gate park we have the horses and the dirt bikes the hondas that are a big presence and park rangers from rec and park and the police they proposal the pdr and the golden gate park area the hospital has it's on police department and some of the hospitals in the eastern district are the jurisdiction of
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the san francisco police so we partner a lot with them and another agency is the district attorney's office and march our station assistant da marking mark is here very actually with our police advisory committee as well. okay. so what's crime look like. crime is violent crime is very low in the strict much lower than citywide we want to keep it we're down across the board for major crimes and adopt in robbery almost 45 percent. it's unusual to have availability crime property crime is down with one exemption that is one that is breaking
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into cars it's placard us in the district it's the common report we have is breaking into cars by a long shot. a lot of that as the chief said trying it make user as less of an attractive target so it's less likely to have someone break a window in our car to keep thing not visible people losses consumers and someone had six years of tax documents that's begging for an identity theft problem. so anything people can do to not leaf things in the cars that's deif you did so overnight we have loots and lots of cars parking along the roads at that that's the cars that are getting
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hit hard. during the dam some of the problems problem is focused on golden gate park we're seeing all even the city including the richmond some people are targeting tourist they know that people that are here visiting they have no place to pit their stuff so they'll have lots a lot of stuff and in golden gate park people are going to be done for a couple of hours that gives us a chance to break into a car. my plain clothes investigators said he looks for the stickers on rental cars that signifies it's a rental car he thought there would be more property in the car and the other really showed thought he thought it was
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less likely that someone would come back to san francisco to testify if that's the case. so some of the things we've done the as an by plain clothes and who we've arrested in the past and who's on parole or probation they have as a condition of their release a search condition they have to submit themselves to search without a warrant so sometimes those things can be productive my plain clothes visited a guy in a neighborhood who had property stolen from burglars in his house. we intend to find that people that do the crime at the don't break optional into one car but a bunch of cars if you can arrest one person you can reduce
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your problem while in their in jail. i've jumped ahead so traffic enforcement really the pressing public safety is injurey traffic collisions in response we've look at the 3 e engineering education and enforcement on the enforcement side we've doubled our enforcement from the same time last year a big increase we actually have consistently lead the district stations in terms of sites written so the officers are writing for sites than any other station and deciding where to focus our attention we've looked at collisions and looked at it complaint anyone who has e-mails me or called the station
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we've use that information to focus where we look at our enforcement efforts. the majority of our certification is not yielding to pedestrian in contraction and speeding they're complex you'll see multiple cause not only failing to yield to a pedestrian but you're going two fast to yield and in the third place is running stop signs. we've had a fair number of dui arrests to they've not involved driving under the influence they've been daytime collisions pea all parties are sober. a lot of events in the district month are centered on golden gate park the big one that are coming up are outside lambs and
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blue great in october we do a lot of planning and look at the impact on the surrounding neighborhood if you have one hundred thousand people coming to golden gate park that's going to be a lot of foot traffic we meet with the organize next year's out ahead of time and review last year's plan and how can we deal with traffic and make it safer. try to lower than each year and complof that's like having the officers that have institutional knowledge going back several years. we're having an event national invite out on august 5th at the station and also at the mini park that backs into the station on 6th avenue to the south of
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geary and the machining park is directly behind the station i'm told there will be a bounce i didn't house. okay. we do such as we can to reach out to youth and the community. we think that's critical to us and so a lot of how we do that if the the schools he have two officers in the schools autonomy those two anytime i can get officers into the school and talking to the kids that's a win. we did poem in the pocket day you read a pocket at argon elementary school and also meeting with just about any group watch group that wants to have an officer or me we'll be there we meet with the merchant
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association and planning associations with the richmond with the providers in the richmond. we really want to be a presence at all of those events and those organizations. and just to go back remember i was saying how young the station is that's the picture in my head. we have an online presence. we have the second most twitter followers of any station we have to try harder 4 hundred and 62 followers as a few minutes going ago we're on feedback and we have a few print customers that don't have e-mail so we mail out the newsletter we on the richmond district blog and i do a monthly blog in the richmond review. one of the projects that started
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under my predecessor and actually now gone department-wide is looking at the emergency response plans in the schools phase one and rolling it out to other institutions that maybe potentially targets we're looking at say an active shoortd in an school there's 25 schools in the district we want to preplan our response it is if it were to happen it would be a chaotic event and a lot of confusion so as much as we can do to prepare ourselves. we've already done presentations at the washington high school and at the jc c talking to the staff about what they can expect from us and their options or behavior small business should be if they have an active shooter this work for an intrude
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and shooting shooter the main thing in our preplanning for example phenomenon washington have a playbook in the station ready to go we have writing here our maps for washington and that showed me where i want to set my expand post and my perimeters and kids evacuated to and places for the parents in here the student and staff roster to account for everybody and detailed areas and a master key that's critical in a confusing situation we're going to inconsiderate locked doors that was started by the deputy chief and going on under the chief that's come back to help us on an apartment basis we're close to having a basic plan for every
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school and expanding the information in the response binder as we go. i want to acknowledge a group that is roll helpful to me that is my police voices board a lot of people complainant but it takes a lot of people it stand up and please stand up my folks and we'll give pleased they're the heart and soul of a new project that we are just rolling anti which is the san francisco or sf streets smart project that's something they've been putting their houment into for nearly a year. this is the education part of the 3 e pr's what street smaerts
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we're going to pilot this in the richmond district we're excited about it, it's a really an education program that's designed to teach people that safe driving and safe walking as a pedestrian and safe cycling can improve your chances in not brown-bag in a collision. this was rolled out in san jose if you've been in marin there are 10 cities and san mateo and san rothman has it we have generous funding from supervisor mar and supervisor farrell's office to kickoff this and we're partnering with safe on the program you're seeing this there's another example there those are our street pole banners there are on the geary
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right now i think one of them for the museums so those are going up around the district antonio on street poles on friday and they have simple messages designed to grab people's attention not take their attention off driving but we'll targeted speeding and running red lights and stop signs and crosswalk safety for drivers and pedestrians and distracted driving and bicycle safety. when i first got to richmond i would go to community meetings and in every one of the meetings traffic safety was an issue. people were also saying you know those bad and terrible drivers and they would ask me can you do something about those people. then i respect to a meeting a woman said i he was the crossing
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the street address with my two girls we were in the crosswalk o there was a voyages what else that flew by as a a i look she's my age and had two this girls in the car assets it's not them it's all of us there's no maskal people that are doing the bad driving people we're citing live and work in the neighborhood it's not people from out of town to run stop signs so i started thinking a that's what it is all about promoting safe driving as a community organization and trying to appeal to people to look for each other and i think a lot of what with my jewish
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mother would say guilt. just you're going a little bit ever guilt so we'll have those street pole banners up friday. the website is up sf street it has some of our simple handout that are hot off the presses in the back and then each school also has a banner which looks like that and it's appropriate to the age of the kids this is out the middle schools with very the orderly kids and the kids at the middle school. so be looking for that with that, i say thank you and i'm here for questions commissioners
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(clapping.) well, thank you very much captain silverman that was excellent paw he see a lot of presentations that of perfect. i have to tell you this is refreshing i have a young good captain with good officers we've lost experienced officers but the next section is public comment i'll let the inspector give you the detailed so police don't hesitate tell the chief or commission what you are u you think would make your district better and the public is welcome to address the address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and
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are not on today's agenda. you shall address the commissioner as a whole and not individually under the police commissions of order to the police or the on the other hand, salesmen they may or may not respond to the questions. and please residential from entering into discussions and can you limit our comments to 3 minutes >> peter go ahead. >> vice president marshall and commissioners and chief suhr and captain silverman and the rest of the police department. i unfortunately 2 1/2 months ago after 2 and a half years of looking closes on a house in the richmond district i'm delighted to see the rointdz here. i first want to 88 thank you for having this meeting i really
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appreciate it, it's delight full to subcontractor with the folks serving this community. i just want to say first of all, thank you, again it was great to see all the great important statistics on violent crime being down thank you my family appreciates that and as a new homeowner here in the neighborhood we have a lot of friends who are also young families and a lot of them them frankly are thinking of moving out the city we've urged them not to and vice president marshall give me a lot of good advice not moving to the east bay we're glad we stated we're members find zoo of the academy of sciences i the exploratorium we try to urge our friends to stay as well.
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one of the concern is crime and the statistics is debris really want to share them unfortunately, i live on 39 and balboa park what we have seen is a lot of graffiti in the area and obviously this is anywhere compared to some of the crimes but it has this effect we had an open house and a lot of our friends notice that and they draw conclusions i know there's higher priorities for the police but to the extent that the patrols in the outer judiciaries you could looking for that. there's been quite a few of the break-ins in the tourist areas but we're doing what we can to prevent that and appreciate the
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advise of keeping the valuables out-of-sight. and thank you for the newsletter. mccain i want to thank you for being here and allowing the folks to comment i'll leave it at that. thank you very much >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. captain silverman it's great to have you in the district. i'm diane i live on 0 the ocean beach committed i'm hearing - sir? i'm representing the president of our homeowner association sally fairchild that couldn't be here this evening bus the conflict. i'm not here to claim we appreciate everything that the richmond station does for us on
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a daily basis. we have issues like the rest of the city with homeless and having grant and drunkenness and drug addicts and defecating and urinating on our property. we try to deal with it ourselves when we can't we call the police department and they're there very quickly and it amazes me how boouflg the officers deal with everything we are that he wanted to publicly thank a few of the officers who's names we know and indulge me some have in the at station ii want to recognize raymond chiu and officer matthew chiu and eric
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mar and dof and bryan campbell and officer moore and for me fooenl penal officer rose i don't know here last name i used to see her every morning she had a smile and wave and this was great. in addition >> what's her name. >> castro. >> castro yes, of course, she's retiring me miss here. i want to acknowledge another officer i don't know if tetsz he's retired or not mann very well we lose another one he lastly i want to recognize captain sharing she and he when was wonderful and prior to her
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captain richard thank you for the wonderful job you all do >> thank you. good evening let me say i mean no disrespect of wearing this hat >> that hat is acceptable. thank you, thank you very much. i'm a colleague i'm ken flowers and i too live on ocean beach condos and serve on the board and would like to objectively our praise for the police department and especially the richmond division they've been very responsive every time we've called so we have no, no complaint with the personnel and fine work i have a concern i voice this for my wife's the safe way is across the way hard
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next to the corner of the golden gate park and my wife often says to me, i'm afraid to go to the safeway because of the kind of folks that come from the park after they've been sleeping all night and hang out in front of the the safe way it's a chronic problem i'm sure you're aware of you're aware of it i hope we have a strategy for dealing that that. i know there are laws on the books not been able to sleep in the park those guys disregard those. i want to reiterate that thank you >> thank you. >> where's the safe way? >> hi aim paulette brown and
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i'm here concern my son. avery who was murdered august 14, 2006, to a gun thirty round were put into my son because he holder out to save someone his anniversary is coming up august 14th. and there's still no enclosure my sons case is a cold case i'm an advocate for other mothers who have lost their children to homicide we have no enclosure i bring the names of the people thomas hannibal and andrew and jason thomas and